HE (Human Evolution)

from by Jaune Attend

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AS the world turns and evolves
Principles, remain the same
History’s repeated but unsolved
We hate to lose, we love to gain
We hate to lose we love to gain, we hate to lose

Sun beams, infiltrate through cracks of the eyelids
Neural impulses, (goes) from slow pace to rapid
Evolved organic system, starts to awaken
Triggers energetic forces, that can’t be broken
Taking shape(shape,shape,shape…) taking form(form,form…)
Preparing for the many tasks, to perform
Great logic, and problem solving skills
Anxious (and) nervous, with a determined will

He’s learning/ evolving
Yet forgetting, the simple things

Enlightened, with a part that remains dark
(A) Suspicious mind, with a brave heart
Precise, hand-eye, coordination
Standing tall, amongst, competition
He can’t get no, satisfaction
(For) pursuing, chasing, dogging opposition
Life’s challenges, make him adapt
To his surroundings which is, his natural habitat
Equipped with unlearnt, Instinctive knowledge
For Crafting, his own Tools and weapons
Family protector, bring home the bacon
Fights back, not to, drown in the Deep end
Stress liberation, releasing some tension
Through means of, Artistic expressions
Any attempts of muting, ones life’s Rhythm
Launches a cascade of, Defense mechanisms
Profound, doesn't like to verbalize his concerns
Face is stern, hide the fact that, there are things in which he yearns
Bottled up, fears, flaws and lies
The same bottle, we all have, inside

AS the world turns and evolves
The principles, remain the same
History’s repeated but unsolved
We hate to lose, we love to gain

Still learning/ evolving
Yet forgetting, the simple things

As time progresses, survival of the fittest, switches
To Survival of the richest (x2)


from 7 Deadly Gins, released July 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Jaune Attend Montréal, Québec

Struck by lightning while in a bus shelter, a bright yellow flash of intense electrical power mysteriously transmitted musical abilities to Jaune Attend’s brain, throat and fingertips. His artistic creations have been ongoing since. Jaune Attend writes, plays, sings, raps, records, and produces everything on his albums, all of which he couldn’t do before the incident. ... more

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